Looking To Add Energy Efficiency To Your Home On A Budget? Prepare To Paint The Exterior

Improving your home is something that can encompass many different projects, especially when you consider energy-efficient upgrades. Choosing a project is often a challenge in itself with so many options, but painting your home is a great place to start. Exterior painting improves energy efficiency as long as you choose light, neutral colors such as white or beige. If you have old exterior paint, you can use this as a chance to add attractiveness as well. If you are working with a tight budget, you should do some of the prep work on your own to cut costs.

Remove Old Paint

If the paint is in decent condition, it is possible to prime over it several times and then start painting. But this much priming to an entire exterior takes a lot of primer and is a time-consuming process. The most basic way to remove old paint from the outside of the house is to do it by hand with a scraper. If you have time on your hands, then you will enjoy how much it can save you down the line. Another option is to rent a pressure washer or borrow one from a friend, and wash the old paint off, which is a lot faster. The one minor con that comes with this method is needing to clean up paint chips off the ground.

Repair Cracks

For home painters to do a professional-quality job, the siding must be in good condition. While the painters are certainly capable of performing repairs on their own, this will cost you a premium. So it is best to get outside and find out your type of siding to figure out the repair situation. Most small cracks need to be filled with putty and then sanded to achieve a smooth surface ready for painting. For areas that need replacing, you can either do it on your own or hire a handyman to minimize labor expenses.

Get Rid of Mold

Mold is a tough thing to handle, especially when your climate gets a lot of humidity and rain. It is necessary to remove mold before painting as it can lead to all sorts of issues when left there. But you do not want to rely professional painters to get rid of the mold because that will cost you extra. If you only have a surface mold issue, you should be able to remove it all by combining bleach, water and trisodium phosphate and using that solution to scrub the mold off.

Getting your house ready for painting with these steps will help you minimize the project's costs.